Plymouth Corporation Tramways


Early uniforms appear to have been single-breasted with a row of four to five buttons, waist level pockets (without button closures) and high fold-over collars. The latter carried an employee number (in individual metal letters) and the Plymouth ‘shield’ on the left-hand side, and possibly just the shield on the right. The jacket cuffs also carried two small buttons

Caps were in the taller military style with a stiff glossy peak, and carried the Plymouth ‘shield’ badge above a script-lettering cap badge. Although ‘Conductor’ is known, it is currently unclear whether motormen wore ‘Motorman’ or ‘Driver’ cap badges.

It is currently unclear what style of uniforms were worn by inspectors.


Motormen and conductors

Plymouth conductor No 42 - photo undated but probably taken during the first years of operation. With thanks to Richard Rosa.

Plymouth Corporation Tramways cap badge
Plymouth Corporation shield-shaped cap and collar badge - brass/gilt.

Plymouth Corporation Tramways cap badges
Standard ‘off the shelf’ script-lettering cap badges of the type used by Plymouth Corporation Tramways - brass.

Plymouth Corporation shield-shaped cap and collar badge - chrome. With thanks to Richard Rosa.

Plymouth Corporation Tramways crew
Conductor and motorman pose with an unknown tramcar, waiting to depart for the Prince Rock and Theatre - photo undated, but from the attire of the passengers, probably the early 1920s. Both men are wearing double-breasted, cross-over tunics with upright collars and epaulettes, and their caps carry both the Plymouth shield and a grade badge. Author's collection.

Plymouth Corporation Tramways Tramcar No 15 and  crew
The crew of Beaumont Rd-bound Tramcar No 15 take a rest - photo undated, but probably taken in the 1920s or 30s. Author's collection.

Senior staff
Plymouth Corporation Tramways Inspectors Cap
Plymouth Corporation Tramways Inspector's cap. Author's collection.

Female staff