Colchester Corporation Tramways

Motormen and conductors wore traditional double-breasted tunics with two rows of five buttons, presumably bearing the full corporation title around the rim (see link). A staff number was worn on the left-hand upright collar and individual metal initials ‘C C T’ on the right. Caps were of the flatter railway style with a glossy peak and bore a script-lettering cap badge, either ‘Motorman’ or ‘Conductor’, though odd photos appear to show ‘Driver’; the latter may however be a later introduction (dates unclear), overlapping with the introduction of buses in 1928.

Female employees - conductresses - wore tailored, single-breasted jackets with a row of five buttons, two waist-level pockets (with button closures), an integral waist belt and lapels. The latter carried the usual employee number on the left and ‘C C T’ initials on the right (see below). Bonnets bore a material hat band on which a script-lettering cap badge - ‘Conductor’ - was worn.

Inspectors wore single-breasted jackets (with hidden buttons) with upright collars, which appear to have carried embroidered initials, probably ‘CCT’. Caps were in the ‘kepi’ style and bore the title ‘Inspector’ in embroidered script.

Colchester Corporation Tramways staff photo - undated, but possibly taken for, or shortly after, the opening of the system (1904).

Blow up of the above photo showing, albeit unclearly, the collar designations and script-lettering cap badges.

Crew of Tramcar No 4 on the Lexden route - undated. The Motorman is wearing a white rain cover, so the photo was presumably taken in summer. With thanks to Colchester and Ipswich Museum Service (see link).

Colchester’s first female conductor - Ann Cuddon - taken in 1916. Note that the Motorman is wearing a full-length coat rather than the usual double-breasted tunic. With thanks to Colchester and Ipswich Museum Service (see link).

Conductress No 11. With thanks to Colchester and Ipswich Museum Service (see link).

Colchester Corporation Tramways St Johns Ambulance Brigade - photo undated.